Humeral motor drive NSNr


Rotary motor drive NSNr is a device designed for quick manoeuvring of the traction load break switch. It causes immediate disconnection and shortens the duration of the disconnectable arc. The drive is equipped with a permanent magnet motor and a worm gear. The device is adapted to manual and remote control, and is protected by a separation of power supply voltage.

The drive enables opening and closing of the traction couplings through the sliding movement of the tubular tendon. It is characterized by high mechanical strength. The drive mechanism is located in a cabinet made of aluminum, powder coated. The drive is attached to the traction pole by means of suitable structures, is equipped with a isolation transformer to eliminate the way back to the electric shock current.

Technical data:

Type of the drive NSNr 03 NSNr 08
Rated supply voltage 24 / 110 / 220 24 / 110 / 220
Average current consumed by a loaded drive 15 A / 4,1 A / 1,9 A 15 A / 4,1 A / 1,9 A
Protection class IP 55 IP 55
Average cycle time 1,5 s. 1,5 s.
Maximum stroke of the string connector 160 mm 160 mm
Maximum torque 120 / 220 Nm 120 / 220 Nm
Dimensions 450 x 500 x 235 mm 450 x 500 x 235 mm
Weight 25 kg 45 kg

Technical drawings, wiring diagrams:

Dimensions of NSNr 03
Wiring diagram of NSNr with isolation
Wiring diagram of NSNr 24

Declaration of conformity:

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