LP-1 - auxiliary contact


Auxiliary contact type LP-1 is designed to work with indoor disconnectors, load break switches and earthing switches of medium voltage distribution network. The use of auxiliary contacts allows to obtain the information about the status of indoor device.

The contacts can be used to send a clear signal about the state of the position of apparatus for automation systems. They can also be used to any kind of blockades in switchgears.


  • simple design 
  • standard contacts
  • small size
  • the ability to adjust the angle of operation
  • the ability to determine different combinations of switching contacts

Technical data:

Rated insulation voltage 500 V
Rated DC current 0,5 A when 125 VDC | 0,3 A when 220 VDC 
Switching durability 1 000 000
Operating temperature -5°C up to 50°C
Operating position any
Level of protection IP 20

Connectors are available in various configurations:

  • LP-1 4- 4NC+4NO
  • LP-1 6- 6NC+6NO 
  • LP-1 8- 8NC+8NO
  • LP-1 10- 10NC+10NO
  • LP-1 12- 12NC+12NO

Standard auxiliary contact LP-1 8- 8NC + 8NO:

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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