MCL - WS - 03 - signal light


Signal indicator is designed for permanent and safe signaling the presence of voltage at the busbars in medium voltage switchgear.

Indication of presence of voltage helps to prevent accidental earthing of the buses at the voltage. Indicator is suitable to cooperate with insulators of measurement equipped with a capacitive or resistive dividers. 

Indicator continuously indicates the presence of current in the circuits of the three inputs, which connects the output of the the measuring insulators. Input circuit clamps are located on the rear panel. The front panel includes banana type jacks connected directly to the input clamps on the rear panel. Slots are located next to the signals indicating the presence of current in the circuit inputs. Sensitivity of indicator was chosen in order to clearly indicate the presence of current in range 30 to 150 A. For individual orders we make indicators of any sensitivity from 5 A to 1 mA.

Dimensions and mounting:

Total dimensions without side clamps: 72x72x94mm, hole in the mounting plate: 68 x 68 mm.

Fixing the relay allows to put it in a plate, which extends outward 11 mm, maximum thickness of 7 mm.

Technical drawings:

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