Manual drive NN 01 A02


Outdoor manual drive type NN is designed for manual opening and closing the MV outdoor disconnectors, load break switched produced by ELTOM and any other switches which the string stroke is 104, 142 or others. The drive is equipped with constructions that fix it to the pole.


  • very good anticorrosive protection
  • easy to mount and regulate
  • very simple construction
  • the ability to install on any type of pole (ŻN, BSW, EPV)
  • the possibility of putting a padlock which blocks the action of the drive
  • equipped in fixing brackets to pole and a string

Construction and operation:

The basis of the drive kinematic system is the articulated quadrangle, which consists of the following parts:

  • drive lever
  • string
  • shaft
  • pole

Rotation of the hand lever by 188° causes movement of the drive string along the pole. The string working stroke is regulated and can have three different values. Position signaling of the device is arranged on the hand lever. Padlock fastened to the drive prevents undesired operation of the device.


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