Motor drive with planetary gear NSP 30-04


The drive is designed to work with disconnectors, load break switches and earthing switches in medium voltage indoor conditions. The application of the drive allows for remote or local control of the switch installed in the cell of the switchgear. In a simple way, without any extra modifications to the existing switchgear, it is possible to replace the existing pneumatic or manual drives of the NR-1 type with NSP motor drive, introducing a new standard of control and safety (remote, local or manual control possibility).


  • simple construction, using proven mechanisms (2000 cycles)
  • high torque, which allows for easy maneuvering the wide range of medium voltage switches
  • smooth adjustment of the output shaft rotation angle in the range of 220°
  • easy replacement of manual drive type NR1 on the NSP 30-04 without having to make changes to existing switchgear
  • in event of voltage failure, the possibility of manual operation

Technical data:

Type of the drive NSP 30-04
Motor type with permanent magnets
Rated voltage of the drive 24 / 110 / 220 V DC
Rated power 300 W
Motor’s rated current 1,9 / 4,1 / 16 A
Drive shaft torque 180 Nm
Rated mechanical durability 2000 cycles
Weight ~ 9 kg


  • three-stage planetary gear driven by a DC motor on permanent magnets
  • limit switches switching off the motor power supply when the main shaft reaches the assumed rotation angle
  • terminal strip for connecting control circuits and power supply
  • limit switches of the electric lock to switch off the motor power supply during manual operation


The housing is made of steel sheet covered with a layer of epoxy powder paint. It is fastened to the drive plate with two screws. At the bottom of the hausing there is a straight-through joint that enables the supply of cables to the control system. The housing cover is connected with the 8 screws.

The drive mechanism includes:

  • DC motor with permanent magnets
  • three-degree planetary worm gear
  • intersecting axis rack gear, to transfer angular moment and the crank for manual opening
  • lever for manual opening

The electric motor drives the shaft through the planetary gear. The angle of rotation of the output shaft is limited by a limit switch up to 220°.

Adjusting the angle of rotation of the output shaft:

Adjusting the angle of rotation of the output shaft is performed by using limit switches mounted on the limit switch’s plate. Loosening the screw M3 allows for smooth adjustment of the angle of the output shaft in the range of up to 220°.

Manual control:

In order for manual operating the drive you need to:

  • insert the lever in the hole on the knurled shaft
  • rotate, causing the closure of the device (right), or open (left) depending on the current position of the switch
  • after pulling out the maneuvering lever, unlock the rack using the handle located at the top of the drive to block manual maneuvering, after which the electric motor unlocks to the electric maneuvering version

Once the manoeuvring lever is inserted, the drive has no possibility of electric manoeuvring.

Mounting the drive to the support structure:

Mounting the drive to the supporting structure is performed by using two M10 bolts. The wall on which the drive is mounted should be sufficiently rigid thus providing the driving torque transmission.

TECHNICAL DRAWINGS, wiring diagrams:

Dimensions of NSP 30-04
Coupling on the side of the MV disconnector or earthing switch
1. Shaft\n2. Pinion (large toothed wheel)\n3. Rack (small toothed wheel)\n4. Tubular shaft\n5. Basis
Wiring diagram of NSP 30-04
I Motor\nII Closing limit switch\nIII Opening limit switch\nIV Microswitch for electrical interlock

Declaration of conformity:

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