NW2 3-A00-02- electromagnetic lock


Electromagnetic lock type NW2 3­-A00­-02 is designed for locking the devices of all kinds in closed and open condition, allowing proper maneuvering of them in a system of control and locks. 

The coil of an electromagnet is designed for continuous operation. The electromagnet is designed for operation in indoor equipment. The design of of the electromagnet type NW2 3-A00-02 allows you to lock and unlock the device continuously energized. In the electromagnet the limit switch was used (2 connectors NO, NC). NO contact can be used to indicate the position of of the electromagnet.


  • effective blocking the devices
  • easy operation
  • simple mounted on a construction of the drive
  • solid metal construction
  • galvanized steel elements

Technical data:

the diameter of the wire 0,25 mm
the number of coils 2500
resistance 100 Ω
the diameter of the wire 0,08 mm
the number of coils 10 000
resistance 4 500 Ω
voltage 100 VDC

Technical drawings:

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