Manual drive NR-3


Drive is designed for opening and closing the disconnectors, load break switches, earthing switches (OWEL, RW types) and various other indoor devices for indoor, the voltage up to 36 kV.


  • simple structure
  • ease of coupling with disconnector
  • high durability and reliability
  • device state signalization


The basis of the drive is bent channel section, made of metal sheet (thickness of 4 mm), in which there is rotary mounted shaft with welded disk. The disk has the limiters the rotation angle and the clamping ring. The clamping ring clasps the lever, the free end of the shaft is finished with a knurl. A lever for coupling the drive with the disconnector is mounted on the knurl by the string of adjustable length.

Unlocking takes place during insertion of the lever into the connection grip and at the same time operating the drive and the disconnector. NR-3 cooperates with the drive NR-3 P, which is used for mounting the disconnectors at higher altitudes by linking two strings.


  • hand lever
  • string to couple the drive with the device
  • electromagnetic blocking (on request)
  • auxiliary contact


Dimensions of NR-3

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