OG1 - indoor disconnector


OG1 type disconnectors are designed for use in electric locomotives (eg. EU07-type) voltage up to 3,6 kV. They are designed for switching on and off of electrical circuits, in the state without the power. In the open position it creates a visible isolating clearance.


Disconnectors type OG1 have secant construction. The basis of the disconnector is a steel frame made of square bars. The role of insulators is a heat shrinkable insulation, made of high-temperature conditions, and isolation interpolar is an air gap. The fixed contacts of the disconnector are made of two silver-coated copper flats, fastened together by cup springs, fitted to the pin holder, made of silver-coated flat. The whole is mounted on a isolated bracket.

The earthing switch’s contacts are mounted on non-isolated bracket of the base of the disconnector. The movable contacts are made of a copper silvered flat, fixed to the movable insulated shaft. The movable shaft of the disconnector fixed on a maneuvering lever rotates 90 degrees. Disconnectors OG1 can be mounted in different positions: horizontal, vertical, or overhead.

Disconnector OG1 can be maneuvered using a manual drive, motor or pneumatic. On the basis of the of the disconnector there is terminal with M12x40 screw. Disconnectors are equipped with auxiliary contacts coupled with thedevice on the drive shaft. The number of of contacts 2xNO 3xNC.


  • modular construction (ease of configuration changes)
  • cooperation with different drives (manual, motor, pneumatic)
  • replacement for formerly used disconnectors (compliance base assembly holes)
  • adapting to the requirements of Polish Energy

Installation :

Disconnectors type OG1 should include sufficient isulating grounding clearance, and the design itself should have adequate stiffness. The basis of the disconnector must be pre-screwed at three locations with M12 screws and possibly plant a pad under the base to compensate for the plane structure. The contact points of the supporting base should lie in one plane.

Operating conditions:

Disconnectors are suitable for use indoors in moderate climate conditions at ambient temperatures from −15°C up to +40°C. Installing the devices in other environmental conditions must be agreed with the manufacturer.

Technical data:



insulation rated voltage

3,6 kV

rated current of the main line

1000 A

rated current of the grounding line

400 A

short-circuit current

10 kA

mechanical durability

2000 cycles


  • OG1-2
  • OG1-3
  • OG1-4
  • 32,5 kg
  • 37,5 kg
  • 40 kg

Technical drawings:

Dimensions of OG1-2
Dimensions of OG1-3

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.

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