OWEL T 3-25 DC - DC indoor disconnector


Indoor disconnectors are intended for closing and opening DC electric circuits which are not electrically energized. In the open position, they create a safe and visible insulating clearance.


simple and modular structure allowing for configuration changes

the possibility of installing a drive with a sliding or rotary movement of the string

possibility to choose the side of the drive (left / right)

the possibility of installing the motor drive on the device

cooperation with NS-EL 30-03, NSP 3-04 motor drives

cooperation with manual drives NR1-01, NRWO-4, NR3

silver contacts

operational reliability

Construction and operation:

OWEL disconnectors have a secant design, intended for closing and opening unloaded circuits in industrial DC networks. The base is a steel frame, on the base there are post insulators on which the current track is built. The interpolar isolation is insulating clearance.

OWEL disconnectors can be driven with NS-EL 30-03, NSP 30-04 motor drives or NR-1, NRWO-4 or NR-3 manual drives. The design of disconnectors allows for easy addition of earthing switches. The earthing switches can be placed on the side of the permanent unseparable  contact (lower earthing switches) or on the side of the permanent separable contact (upper earthing switches). A disconnector with an integrated earthing switch (upper or lower) is equipped with a mechanical interlock ensuring the correct switching cycle (prevents the earthing switch from being closed when the current path of the disconnector is closed). On the base of the disconnector, there is an earthing terminal behind the M12x40 screw. Disconnectors can be equipped with an auxiliary switch coupled with the apparatus at the end of the shaft opposite to the drive. The device for a period of 1000 operations does not require spare parts.

Technical data:

Rated continuous current 2500 A
Rated voltage 1 kV
Rated current 1 sec. 25 kA
Working temperature -5°C up to +40°C
Weight 15 kg

Drive mounted on the disconnector:

OWEL T 3-25 DC disconnectors can be equipped with an electric drive mounted directly on the apparatus drive shaft. Depending on the required motor supply voltage, the disconnectors equipped with the drive are marked as follows:

  • OWEL T 3-25 DC M24 for 24 VDC
  • OWEL T 3-25 DC M220 for 220 VDC


All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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