OWUS - DC indoor disconnector with earthing switch


Indoor disconnectors OWUS are the devices used for connecting, disconnecting and earthing the electric circuits without load. The devices are suitable for working in traction substations and in the industry. Mounted in the chamber, the disconnector fulfills various functions such as: isolating the positive and negative ends the assembly of transformer/rectifier, isolating the feeder from the power supply, coupling and disconnecting various of traction section. Thanks to its modular design OWUS disconnector provides many different combinations. 

Disconnector is designed in two configurations:

  • OWUS 1-20 with one motor drive for disconnector and for earthing switch
  • OWUS 2-20 with two separated motor drives: one for disconnector and one for earthing switch


  • high resistance to short circuit
  • silver – plated contacts
  • self – cleaning contacts
  • motor or manual operating
  • compact construction
  • compliance with standards: PN-EN 50123-2:2013, PN-EN 50123-3:2003

Technical data:

  OWUS 1-20 OWUS 2-20
Thermal current in open air up to 2000 A up to 2000 A
Rated voltage 1000 VDC 1000 VDC
Rated insulation voltage 3000 VDC 3000 VDC
Short-circuit current 1 s. (disconnector) 50 kA 50 kA
Short-circuit current 1 s. (earthing switch) 30 kA 16 kA
Rated voltage of the motor 24 VDC, 230 V DC/AC 24 VDC, 230 V DC/AC
Rated power od the motor 90 W 90 W
Auxiliary contacts 3 x 4NO + 4NC motor 2 x 4NO + 4NC
Working temperature -25°C up to 45°C -25°C up to 45°C
Min. mechanical durability 20000 cycles 20000 cycles
Closing/ opening 1-2 s. 0,5 s.


Connection diagram:

Technical drawings:

Dimensions of OWUS 1-20
Dimensions of OWUS 2-20

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.



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