Outdoor manual drive NRO 110


Manual drive NRO 110 is designed for closing and opening disconnectors with high voltage outdoor earthing switches with a 192° rotation angle for adjustment. The NRO 110 drive is dedicated for single-pole earthing switches of the transformer zero point.


  • simple design
  • shortened duration of emergency shutdown
  • operating reliability
  • 2000 switching cycles
  • maintenance free
  • auxiliary switch for control and signalling circuits
  • anticorrosive protection of the casing through the use of aluminium sheet and painting

Technical data:

Rated torque 350 Nm
Rotation angle of the main shaft up to 192°
Blocade voltage 230 VAC / 220 VDC
Heater voltage 230 VAC / 220 VDC
Heater power 25 W
Rated switching capacity of the auxiliary switch AC 230 V; 5 A | DC 220 V; 0,25 A
Housing protection class IP 54
Rated mechanical durability 2000 cycles
Weight 28 kg

Operating conditions:

The drives can be installed in outdoor switchgears under the following conditions:

Temperature -40 up to +40°C
Air humidity up to 100% at 20°C
Sea level altitude up to 1000 m
Wind speed up to 30 m/s


The drive is manoeuvred by means of a lever which is locked in the end positions and locked by a padlock. During the entire operating phase of the drive, the shaft movement operates at the auxiliary contact, opening its normally-closed contacts, and then when the main shaft reaches the end position, the normally open contacts are closed.

Technical drawings:

Dimensions of NRO 110

Declaration of conformity:

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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