Outdoor traction motor drive NST 230/24


The motor drive type NST 230/24 is designed for remote opening and closing of connectors on traction networks and lines of non-traction purposes.


  • high torque of the drive shaft
  • easy installation
  • possibility of manual adjustment the
  • drive in an emergency situation (crank)
  • high mechanical durability

Technical data:

Drive type NST 230/24
Rated supply voltage 230 V AC
Permissible supply voltage variation 0,85 UN < U < 1,1 UN
Average current consumed by the drive loaded 16 A
Level of protection IP 44
Average cycle time 3 s.
Max. jump of the connector of the string 202 mm
Max. torque of the drive 1600 Nm
Class of mechanical durability M2
Dimensions 640 x 270 x 270 mm
Weight 39 kg

Drive equipment:

1 Limit switches S1, S2
2 The cabinet of the drive
3 Electro-mechanical lock
4 Contactors K1, K2
5 Power switches F1
6 Motor
7 Transformers TR1, TR2
8 Rectifying bridges
9 Gland
10 Earth terminal
11 Terminal strips
12 Diagram
13 Lock

Example assembly of the drive connection with a disconnector:

1 Load break switch NRT-EL 3,6/3600
2 Drive string RNT 048
3 Slide bearing PRNT A0101
4 Drive NST


Technical drawings, wiring diagrams:

Dimensions of NST 230/24
Wiring diagram of NST 230/24

Declaration of conformity:

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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