PWNS 2/6 - indoor switch with motor drive


The switch is designed for switching electrical circuits without the load. It is a three-pole device used in medium voltage switchgears for switching on, switching or grounding electrical circuits. Switching operations are performed by a motor drive mounted on the device. Device's positioning is done by auxiliary contacts (at least 2NO + 2NC).



  • high short-circuit current
  • contacts covered with silver
  • high strength
  • small dimensions


The indoor PWNS motor-driven switch has a secant design. The current path consists of three fixed contacts and a movable contact and is attached to four plate-shaped post insulators. The movable contacts are fastened with the drive shafts. The device is maneuvered by electric or manual drive. The entire contact system is covered with silver, which facilitates the flow of short-circuit currents.

Technical data:


  PWNS 2/6
Rated current 630 A
Switching durability 2000 operations
Rated volatge 2 kV
Short-circuit current 25 kA
Time of short-circuit 1 s.
Max peak interpolar voltage 2 kV
Voltage of basic insulation 3 kV
Voltage of motor control 24 V DC
Auxiliary contacts 2 NO + 2NC
Weight ~ 15 kg

Technical drawings:

Dimensions of PWNS
Circuit arrangement and marking

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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