RG3 - transformer load break switch


Transformer switch indoor disconnectors type RG3 are designed for mining switchgears for voltage up to 7,2 kV. The switches are designed to switch on and off the idling currents of transformers built in transformer station used in mining. When open, between the contacts there is visible and safe isolating clearance. 


  • simple operation
  • small size
  • the ability to extend the device and mount the plane or rotary motion drive
  • the opportunity to work with manual drive NR1-01 and motor drive NS-EL 30-03
  • the drive can be mounted on either side of the device
  • the replacement for RK-3, OKR i EDJAN-562 types of switch disconnectors

Technical data:

rated operating voltage 7,2 kV
rated frequency 50 Hz
rated continuous current 630 A
rated making current of idling running of the transformer 5 A
peak withstand current 40 kA
short circuit withstand current 1 s. 16 kA

test voltage (50Hz) for insulation:

to earth and interpolar

between the contacts


20 kV

23 kV

impulse test voltage for insulation:

to earth and interpolar

between the contacts


60 kV

70 kV

weight 24 kg
mechanical durability 2000 cycles

Construction and operation:

The switch disconnector consists of 2 constant connectors (upper and lower), movable connectors and  the blade for arc suppression. The wires are fed to the permanent contacts and fastened by M12 bolts. When the transformer switch is opening, movable contacts are falling and the blade is suppressing the arc.


Dimensions of load break switch RG3

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.



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