RN 17,5 kV 400 A - outdoor load break switch


Three-pole switch disconnector is designed for:

  • conducting continuous and short-circuit currents,
  • making switching operations in the current range which does not exceed the rated breaking current and rated making currents in outdoor medium voltage energy networks.

In the open state a disconnector creates a visible and safety isolation clearance.


The switch disconnector is an electrical apparatus consisting of three monopolar segments installed on common beams. It is possible to open and close apparatus simultaneously for the three phases by the lever. Elements for extinguishing the arc are elastic arcing contacts mounted on the poles of the switch disconnector. The busbars and movable contacts disconnectors are coated with silver, the steel parts are hot galvanized.


  • small size and weight
  • large rated current
  • compact construction
  • high mechanical durability
  • reliability

Technical data:



rated voltage/ rated current

17,5 kV

rated continuous current

400 A

rated short time withstand current of the switch disconnector and of the earthing switch

16 kA

rated time of the short circuit

1 s.

rated breaking current with circuit with low inductance at a voltage of 17.5 kV / number of switching cycles

16 A/100

breaking current in the ring network

16 A

rated short-circuit current of the switch disconnector

5 kV

mechanical durability


mechanical durability:

  • switch with manual drive
  • switch with motor drive
  • arcing contact
  • 2000 cycles
  • 1000 cycles
  • 1000 cycles

allowed icing

10 mm

operating temperature

-40°C up to +40°C

the angle of rotation of the main shaft

up to 192°

mass of the switch disconnector

39 kg


Dimensions of load break switch RN

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.



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