Rotary manual drive NRWO-4


Drive is designed for opening and closing the disconnectors, load break switches, earthing switches (OWEL, RW types) and various other indoor devices for indoor, the voltage up to 36 kV.


  • simple design
  • easy coupling with disconnector
  • high durability and reliability
  • signaling of device status
  • a large selection of equipment (electromagnetic locks and signal connectors)


Manual drive type NRWO-4 is articulated quadrilateral in crank-rocker system. It consits of hand lever, the string bent into a curve, double lever welded to the shaft (on one end of the shaft there is the knurl), and two walls (between them is placed the entire kinematics). At the end of the lever is a handle. On the side wall there is the sleeve of the locks mounting. The circuit switch is mounted on the bracket (on the upper edges of the side walls) and is coupled to the drive’s shaft by the mechanism that adjusts the movable contacts.


The drive equipment includes the following parts:

  • cable connecting the drive with the device, 2000 mm long (standard equipment)
  • mechanical lock (at the customer's request)
  • BEX type electromagnetic lock (at the customer's request) for rated voltage 24/48/110/220 VDC and 110/125/230 VAC
  • electromagnetic lock type NO5 (at the customer's request) for 24/110/220 VDC
  • NO2 type auxiliary switch (at the customer's request)
  • connector design based on rotating contacts with a double insulating gap:
    • rated voltage 220V AC/DC
    • nominal current 10A
    • number of circuits 12 (6z, 6r)

Designations and versions:

The designation of individual versions consists of several letter-number groups. Individual groups of letters indicate additional equipment of the drive. There are two basic drives:

  • drive for OWEL, RW disconnectors and load break switches
  • drive for UWS, UWA earthing switches
NRWO4 L / P BE (220 AC) PSO (12)
NRWO4 drive for OWEL disconnectors, RW load break switches and UWS, UWA earthing switches

L - the drive link is on the left side

P - the drive link is on the right side

BE - electromagnetic lock type BEX

NO5 - electromagnetic lock type NO5

BM - mechanical lock

PSO - PSO type secondary circuit switch (number of contacts: 12; 10; 8; 6)

NO2 - NO2 type secondary circuit switch



Dimensions of NRWO-4

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