Wire-wound resistor

Resistor type:



rated operating voltage 3,3 kV
rated voltage of insulation to earth 18,5 kV / 1 min.
rated operating current 40 A
heat resistance of the resistor at rated current 12 s.
rated resistance 80Ω ±5%
level of protection IP00
type of cooling natural
application indoor

Compliance with standards:

  • PN-E-05115
  • PN-EN 60071-1
  • PN-EN 60071-2

Quality testing:

  • examination
  • resistance measurement
  • testing the insulation for the puncture of test volatge of 18,5 kV/1min., 50 Hz

Operating conditions:

  • casual work
  • natural cooling
  • indoor use
  • work in an atmosphere containing no explosive gases and mixtures and corrosive fumes
  • ambient temp.: lowest long-term -30°C, the highest 24-hour 30°C, the highest short-term 55°C
  • relative humidity to 95% at +22°C (293 K)
  • installation height max. 1000 meters above sea level


The resistor is constructed as shown below. The thrust elements are made of wire thrust wire (FeCrAl) elliptically coiled and placed on an insulated core. The resistor consists of five thrust elements which are placed on the resin post insulators providing another extra level of insulation.


All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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