Wireless remote control of disconnector’s motor drive MDCviaGSM


Wireless remote control of motor drive MCDviaGSM allows remote maneuvering of the drive, while monitoring and transmitting the current status of the device to the signal recipient. It is designed to work with ELTOM motor drives, giving the user the possibility of remote control, providing current information on opening or closing the device. MDCviaGSM contains a GSM module with a 3G UMTS/HSPA+ connection, which gives the possibility of a wireless network connection with the device.

Technical data:

The rated voltage of operating 230 VAC
Rated operating frequency 50 Hz
Maximum power consumed 500 W
Rated voltage for motor drives 24 VDC
Relative humidity 40 - 95%
Atmospheric pressure 700 - 1060 hPa
IP certificate IP 54
Air temperature 30 - 40°C
Dimensions 600 x 460 x 335 mm
Weight 45 kg
Place of assembly on pole

Construction and operation:

The MCDviaGSM wireless control system is mounted in a ventilated cabinet, thanks to which the device can operate in a wide temperature range. The built-in thermostat constantly checks the current temperature, and if it increases, it automatically turns on the installed fan to lower it. MDCviaGSM grid power supply equals 230 VAC, it contains two 12 V/18 Ah batteries, which enables it to operate even during power shortages.

Thanks to MDCviaGSM it is possible to operate the motor drive via Internet or LAN. The user can also trigger the drive from built in battery.

Built-in 3G UMTS/HSPA+ enables for remote control of the drive. This solution also allows you to connect two SIM cards in case one of them is damaged. The wireless control system can also be connected to the drive using a standard Ethernet cable. To secure the connection, it is expected to use a VPN.

For communication, MDCviaGSM uses the standard Modbus protocol, so that the user receives the current status of the drive, while also having the possibility of remote control.

Information received remotely through the use of the system:

  • status of chargers
  • battery / AC opening
  • battery charge status
  • remote opening / closing of the drive door
  • drive status (open / closed / during opening / during closing)

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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