Control and disconnect device USOI / USOII-E


The USOI / USOII-E Control and Disconnect Device is designed to control a modular disconnector equipped with an electric drive, which is used in underground traction networks. 

The control can be done both from the place (locally from the traffic station, traction substation, etc.) and from superior systems such as the Remote Control Center or the Substation Terminal.

The device is designed for purposes:

  • For the purposes of continuous monitoring and supervision - from a given point
  • For remote control - receives commands from the supervision point


The selection of the equipment of the object cabinet is directly related to the individual needs of the indicated object or the requirements of the supervision point. A standard cabinet is equipped with a communication controller and basic communication devices for the needs of operation in the metro remote control system.

In the automation system, transducers and controllers communicate with each other and with the controller of the field cabinet via the appropriate bus. The object cabinet is adapted to work with the use of Modbus communication interfaces. It is a popular communication protocol in which communication between devices is implemented in the master-slave / client-server architecture. It is an open type protocol, which means that all necessary information for its implementation is publicly available. The Modbus protocol can be found under the names Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and Modbus ASCII.

The control and disconnection device USOI / USOII-E is equipped with protective components and elements of the device equipment, protecting against overloads and overvoltages through the applied second class of protection.

Technical data:

Thermal current in open air up to 2000 A
Rated voltage 1000 VDC
Rated insulation voltage 3000 VDC
Short-circuit current 1 s. (disconnector) 50 kA
Short-circuit current 1 s. (earthing switch) 30 kA
Rated voltage of the motor 24 VDC, 230 V DC/AC
Rated power of the motor 90 W
Working temperature -25°C up to 45°C
Min. mechanical durability 20000 cycles
Driver Storm 52
Class of protection II

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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