Outdoor motor drive Nts 24-2


Traction outdoor drive Nts 24-2 is designed for remote and local opening and closing switches in the traction lines. The drive enables the opening and closing of the traction couplings by means of a sliding motion of the tubular tendon. The use of a trapezoidal screw means that the drive is characterised by a high mechanical force. The mechanism is placed in an aluminium powder coated cabinet. It is attached to the traction pole by means of suitable structures. In the case of emergency crank maneuvering, the drive is electrically locked to prevent it from being started. The drive can be equipped with a separating transformer to eliminate the return path to the shock current.


  • high mechanical durability
  • high strength allows the movement in difficult weather conditions
  • easy tuning of the drive to the connector – smooth adjustment
  • the ability to manually move the crank in emergency situations

Technical data:

Type of drive Nts
Rated supply voltage 24 VDC
Operating voltage range [0,85­ - 1,1]
Average current consumed by the drive loaded 16 A
Level of protection IP 55
The average cycle time 2,5 s.
Max. jump of connector of the string 160 mm
Weight limit 1600 N
Dimensions 240 x 270 x 640 mm
Weight 24 kg


Dimensions of Nts 24-2
Wiring diagram of Nts 24-2

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