PB-1, PB-2 - fuse disconnectors


Fuse switch disconnector with fuse insert is designed for protecting against short circuits of transformators and capacitor’s batteries. The main purpose is the protection of distributive devices against the dynamic and heat action of high short circuit currents by limiting the peak current and cutting the power supply in few milliseconds.


  • simple design
  • small size
  • easy to mount
  • ability to use typical fuse-links


Fuse switch disconnectors are made of electroinsulating plate. The contacts clips are mounted to the plate and they provide mounting the fuse-link. The contact clip consist of three elements: compression spring, contact spring and the terminal.

Technical drawings:

Dimensions of PB-2 fuse disconnector
Dimensions of PB-1 fuse disconnector

PB1 - dimensions:

  A1 A2 A3 B1
PB-1 B01 350 320 200 100
PB-1 B02 350 320 200 125
PB-1 B03 350 320 200 82
PB-1 B04 330 300 180 52
PB-1 B05 270 240 120 52
PB-1 B06 300 270 145 82

All technical data presented in the catalog can be changed due to technological progress.


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